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☆〖Lucid Psychosis〗☆

★【王子 の エッチ 。】★

16 June 1987
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If you would like to be friends or talk to me don't be afraid to add and contact me via MSN, Yahoo or AIM!!
Though I am Mostly on MSN and Yahoo.

This journal is friends only!!

This means, obviously, that unless you are on my friends list you wont be able to see any of my entries. If you would like to then feel free to comment in the 'friends only' post and let me know that you are adding me. ^_^;

I like anime/manga and yaoi~! I'm a fan of Japan and it's culture and of course the fashion trends! Particuarly Kogal, Gothic Lolita and FRUiTS!

I LOVE GrimmIchi!! Though IchiRenIchi is my OTP! Bleach is my favorite anime and always will be I think. I also love to RP, sometimes with OC's but mainly with Ichigo from Bleach, or Axel from KH2. I just love to RP Ichigo so much~ It's so fun!

Other accounts:
sururu_fic [All my Fanfiction]
ichigo_ba_ka [Kurosaki Ichigo POV]